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Best Supplies for Inductive Bible Study!

BDA27FED-7D67-4403-B76C-5C3EB960C502Not only do I absolutely love inductive Bible study but I also love the thrill of finding great supplies. I’m a true sucker for all stationery products. I get that fluttery feeling every time I see pens, pencils, notebooks, journals, washi tape, post-it pads, tabs, and everything in between. I know it’s weird. We will call it my weird obsession.

Anyways, there are so many office and stationery products out there that it’s a real task finding what works for you. I wanted to make a few suggestions based on what I use and what others I know use. You shouldn’t have to be stressed trying to find good products especially if you are new to inductive Bible study and trying to learn that.

These are a few I’ve found that work well with the specific task of inductive Bible study.

In inductive Bible study you use highlighters and pens and/or pencils to mark certain words from scripture using mainly symbols. I need you to know that you do NOT have to have these supplies to do inductive Bible study. You can study inductively without marking anything. Marking just helps you slow down and see words that are important to identify in scripture.

Up first is pens I use on a regular basis. They are called triplus fineliner by Staedtler which are my favorite. They don’t bleed through the pages as easy as most other pens I’ve tried. This largely depends on the thickness of your Bible pages. My pages are pretty thin. I found these on Amazon. Now, Micron pens are awesome but a little more expensive.


Next up is some colored pencils. Just basic and inexpensive colored pencils(below). They definitely don’t bleed through and are great for shading. However, they are not as bright as pens but still do the job.01BF4DA3-BFF3-49BF-ADB0-4503FCD65937You also need highlighters. You could use the colored pencils and not use highlighters but again I like the brightness of pens and highlighters. I like the colors bold and popping. Remember, I have a weird obsession. So it’s likely that you aren’t as concerned as I am and that’s perfectly fine. I use two types of highlighters. These are gel highlighters made for Bibles (below). I found them on Amazon.


The sometimes use the standard retractable highlighter (below). I got them cheap at Wal-mart. But be aware that they do bleed through if you press or move slow.


You will be writing down what you learn as you studying through a book of the Bible. I often write down everything on regular notebook paper and then transfer the information to large sticky notes in a neater and more organized way (I’ll talk more about this during the study). By doing this I can put the sticky notes in my Bible and therefore carry my insights with me. Any will do but I have grown fond of these I discovered on Amazon a few months ago (below). They have them in lighter colors too.


So we have covered pens, colored pencils, highlighters, and paper. Again, I need you to know that you do NOT have to have these supplies to do inductive Bible study. You can study the same way without marking anything. But when you use this method of marking it helps you to retain the info and makes words jump out at you like never before. It helps to slow you down while reading and notice important words in scripture. I see symbols on words that I haven’t even marked yet. It somehow helps your brain to start looking for these words. So, maybe you don’t like the thought of marking and that’s fine just try the inductive process without it. Who knows, you might decide to try it later after you learn the  “How to Study Inductively “ method.

Now the last thing I would like to mention is a dictionary and concordance. I have the “Strong’s Concise Concordance And Vine’s Concise Dictionary Of The Bible: Two Bible Reference Classics In One Handy Volume” that I purchased from Amazon. But honestly, I mostly use the dictionary unless I’m studying a particular subject such as forgiveness, prayer, or sanctification and not a book of the Bible. I also have just the “Vine’s Concise Dictionary of the Bible” by itself. I found it on eBay for around $4.00. A dictionary is an invaluable tool. 


I hope this article is helpful. I haven’t set a date yet but we will start an inductive Bible study right here on my site.

Remember, if you have found your joy in Jesus, share it!