Pastor’s Wives

I recognize that it hard at times to find someone I can talk to about the questions, struggles, good and bad times we face as a pastor’s wife. We often need answers and encouragement as well as someone to share the good things you see happening in the church. There are conversations you want to have but many times it needs to be another ministers wife. I’ve scoured the internet and read many books.

My goal here is to help others get information needed to continue their journey with confidence and assurance. Some data I have personal experience with but some made the list because others gave good reviews. I’ll update the information with new material I find or shared by you and give full reviews as I read the books, blogs, articles etc…

Websites and Blogs


  • Sacred Privilege

Will you help?

Please comment if you…

  • find certain material was helpful
  • find certain material not helpful
  • would like to add a review to certain material from any category
  • would like to add new material to a list such as blogs, books, retreats etc…

You can comment at the bottom of each page. I’m excited to share these resources and to receive resources from you. I’m eager to grow each list.

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