The Floods Came

Only around 10% of miners remain and as if that wasn’t enough to cause a destitute community, they also experienced several horrific floods. Yes, I’m serious!

The last flood was in May of 2002.

The photos above are from http://www.mcdowellwv.com/mcdowell-county-floods/.

And what’s bad is the impact of this flood can still be seen all around.

Most of the buildings were destroyed beyond repair.

Homes were disfigured,flattened and carried down the river. The Dry Fork River is full of debris. We saw appliances, couches, bridges, car parts, windows, doors, sections of roofs, bathtubs and much more.

They lost their homes and businesses but even worse lives were lost.

These two websites capture the devastation McDowell County faced.

Pictures of the flood that swept through WV.

Article about the missing people, loss of life, and damage done here.

This was a big deal to everybody living here. The destruction it caused to the community physically as well as emotionally should be a big deal to us! It’s hard to go through events like this unfazed. Restoration must come and it will require help from outside resources.

We are working hard to connect and help.

Can you imagine what it is like to live without joy? I can because I did before Jesus found me. Our joy is found in Jesus.

Remember if you’ve found your joy in Jesus, share it!