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What is Inductive Bible Study?


Inductive Bible Study is one of my favorite ways to study the Bible. It gets very deep and the insight you can gain from this approach is absolutely amazing. I’ll be starting a series soon where we will do inductive studies right here on my sight. With that being said, I wanted to explain a few things about inductive Bible study. But first, let’s look at a few reasons why we should even study the Bible.

I. Mainly, we study to know who God is. He shows us this in scripture.

II. We study to know who we are. Where do we fit in this world? What are we supposed to be doing (after all we were created by God for God) and what we mean to him?

III. We study to find answers. Every question we could have is inside the pages of the bible. We can use it to always find our joy in Jesus. We can use it to help others.

IV. To be better equipped to share Jesus and the joy found in Him.

V. God wants a close relationship with us. He wants to be a Father to us. God has to talk to us for that relationship to grow. He talks through His Word.


I. This approach allows you to study any scripture without study books because you use the Bible as your number one source for interpretation. Scripture supports scripture. You will consult a Bible dictionary and concordance. (It’s not second-hand interpretation.)

II. It doesn’t tell you what to believe. Many Bible studies and commentaries tell you what to believe but studying inductively allows you to discover the truth for yourself. (You will check your interpretation.)

III. You will be learning to read the Bible in a new way where you see what the text says, what it means, and how it applies. The great thing is you can use it on any scripture for the rest of your life. You don’t even need a certain version of the Bible. You can use whatever version you currently study from. I do use King James Version while studying and posting scripture because it is one of the word-for-word translations, I love the wording and it speaks to me.

There are three parts to this study method.

First, you find out what the scripture says which is observation. You learn what to look for so that you can remember and understand what you’ve read. Do you ever read and 10 minutes later forget what you’ve just read? This helps to eliminate that. Most of your time will be spent on this first step carefully observing and observing and observing some more. So observation is first.

Next, you find out what the scripture means. You just observed the text and now you will see what the passage means so you will interpret it.  Interpretation starts flowing out because you observed so well. You will get to use cross-references and do word studies. Let me just say it is very exciting when you discover the spiritual riches in the Bible that you have never seen before and the best part is you discovered this yourself with the Holy Spirits guidance.

Lastly, you will identify how to apply the scriptures to your life. We observe, interpret, and then adjust our lives to the truths we discerned. This last part is called application.

So, in inductive Bible study, you have observation, interpretation, and application. This was a brief description of inductive Bible study.

This is one of the best ways I have ever studied the Bible. It does take time and practice but it is unquestionably worth it. You will be amazed at all you learn and remember. It has transformed my life.

What do you need to do inductive Bible study?

  1. Your Bible (any version)
  2. Paper
  3. Colored pens and/or pencils and highlighters
  4. Bible marking symbols sheet (I use these from or you can create your own markings.

Check out this post for a better understanding and suggestions on these supplies.

My plan, if the Lord is willing, is to start an inductive study of the book of Philemon right here on my site. We can walk through it together. So, don’t forget to come back for a start time. I’m excited about it and I believe the Lord will bless us for it.

Remember, if you have found the joy that comes from Jesus, share it!

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